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How to Use Lead Magnets to Build Your List and Grow Your Customer Base

Leadpages Historical Origins with Courses

Clay Collins Marketing Show
  • In 2010, our co-founder was creating videos for lead generation and traffic (The Marketing Show)
  • Sells his expertise in a leveraged course called "Project Mojave" (later called Pre-Sell Formula, later called Interactive Offer)
  • 2012 presells a new web-based app to take landing page templates for lead generation. 
  • Leadpages launches 6 weeks later (Jan 2013). 
  • 2018: 40K+ customers, $38m investments

Lead Magnet Makers (AKA LP Marketing Team)

Lead Magnet Makers

Key Takeaways


Why Lead Magnets Deserve Your Attention Immediately


The First 3 Lead Magnets to Create (Before You Launch Your Course)


How You Give Away Your Lead Magnets Matters

Why Lead Magnets Deserve Your Attention. Immediately.

What Exactly is a Lead Magnet?

Some type of content (preferably something easy to create and consume) that people get in exchange for their email address. 

"People don't buy 'products.' They buy future versions of themselves."

Samuel Hulick UserOnboard.com

A Little R&D Goes a Long Way

  • Got an idea for your course? Create a lead magnet first.
  • Got multiple ideas? Split test them against one another and see which one gets more attention and engagement.
  • Create lead magnets in 30 minutes to 1 afternoon (at most). Courses typically take weeks of focused commitment.
  • Plus, it builds some buzz for your course when it's ready to go. 
Experiment in Marketing - Drew Hays

The First 3 Lead Magnets to Create (Before You Launch Your Course)


  • People love order out of chaos.
  • Show audience you have a process figured out.
  • Leaves out the details of the actual "doing" of the process. 
  • Create in Word, GDocs, etc.; Save as PDF.

Resource Guide

  • Tools are perceived as shortcuts to the outcome.
  • You're the expert, so you've already figured out what works (and what doesn't).
  • Create in PowerPoint or Keynote; Save as PDF.
  • Example

Short Video

  • Shows authenticity and personality.
  • Gets you comfortable in front of the camera in preparation for your course.
  • Stick to 1 key question and an in-depth answer. 
  • Create in Word, GDocs, etc. 

2 More Awesome Lead Magnets: Mini E-Course and Webinars 

How You Give Away Your Lead Magnets Matters

Use a High Converting Landing Page Instead of a Full Website

A typical increase in conversions from 2-4% to 12-20%. That's 5-6X more leads from the same amount of traffic.

Example Landing Page Checklist
Concita Thomas Checklist Example

Lead Page Best Practices


Focus on 1 conversion goal per page (opt-in), with minimal distractions or choices.


Be sure your pages are mobile responsive to convert increasing numbers of smartphone users. 


Be willing to test out multiple versions of your lead pages and offers until you find the best performers.

Got a Blog? Use a Leadbox to Give Away Your Lead Magnet

  • A Leadbox is a simple pop-up form that is triggered by a user's click (or exit intent, or time on the page). 
  • Ideally, connect your lead magnet to a highly related article on your blog so it acts as a free "content upgrade."
Leadbox Example

BONUS Idea for Speakers, Networkers, and Podcast Guests

  • Build your EMAIL list through TEXT message.
  • SMS text-to-optin works great when people are not by their computers but have their phones with them. 
  • Example, text HIPRENEUR to 33444 right now, and respond to our text with your email address.

Text HIPRENEUR to 33444 to receive a free set of resource guide templates

(And see Leaddigits in action)

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